“Public Relations is extremely important, and being able to use it in the right way means everything. You have to market your success." – Lee Haney

Club public relations & social media tools

Public Relations

In today's world there are so many more means to publicize who we are as Optimists and Optimist Clubs. Still valid means are traditional media tools like Press Releases to local newspapers and other publications, as well as Public Service Announcements for radio. Social Media tools combined with a powerful website for more information grab attention of an online, mobile society. Remember: "A picture is worth a 1,000 words; a video is worth 1,000,000." So always have a camera or a smart phone available.

Traditional Media

Press Releases

Traditional media sources like newspapers and to some degree television are accustomed to receiving standard Press Release formats about news and upcoming events. More information about working with print resources and Press Releases available for many of the Optimist International programs that Optimist Clubs can use are available here

Public Service Announcements

Radio stations in Canada are mandated to dedicate a certain percentage of their air time to Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for non-profits and charities. Here are some very useful PSAs from Optimist International.  You can listen to them right there on the website. Submit the high quality to radio stations. The ones with local tags tell you how many seconds you can ask the radio station to record for you as a custom message which you provide to them in print. Here is a list of Ontario Radio Stations by location. Note that college and universities also have radio stations.

Brochures and Promotions

All Optimists should have an Optimist brochure or business card handy for when you meet that person who be a great new member. Read more about this and get ideas for both of these. 

Websites and Social Media


A website is today's non-profit organization credibility checker. It is at the top of the information chain, providing detailed info about your Club, what you do, your events and how to join at a muinimum. Also don't forget to add your website to other community websites and resource lists. Read more about website resources


Facebook is the quick reach out to the public who may know nothing about Optimism. It's all about photos, videos and memes (pictures of short messages). However, it is very easy to create a Facebook page. So people rely on the links to the website to measure credibiity,  The real power in Facebook is in getting people to take action, i.e. driving people to your website to sign up for an event or join your club. Read more about Facebook resources


Twitter is the quick resource for updates about your Club. It is a short term message, meant to engage and get a succinct message out there. Again Twitter is like a carrot to keep your Optimist Club top of mind. Read more about Twitter resources


Instagram is all about the photos. Popular with younger people, it is important to show your links to your other online and social media. Read more about Instagram resources