Your lieutenant governors by Zone

Within our Central Ontario District, there are 10 Zones. Each Zone has a Lieutenant Governor (LG), who represents the Clubs in that Zone, and works closely with your District Governor. They are responsible for calling a quarterly Zone Meeting in their Zone, gathering information from the Club Presidents' reports and reporting that information at the quarterly District conferences and convention. They will also visit and assist Clubs in their Zone, and induct new members. They are a resource for your Clubs.

Here are your current Governor, Governor-Elect and Lieutenant Governors for Central Ontario:

Name Position
photo Edge, Tony Governor
photo Wilson, Bob Lt. Governor Zone 1
photo Bentley, Howard Lt Governor Zone 2
photo Van Hooydonk, Gabriella Lt Governor Zone 3
photo Lynge, Jim Lt Governor Zone 4
photo Miller, Jeff Lt Governor Zone 5
photo Mehta, Sunny Lt Governor Zone 6
photo Stokes, Sandra Lt Governor Zone 7
photo Flood, Teena Lt Governor Zone 9
photo Lalonde, Marc Lt Governor Zone 10