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Governor 2015-2016
Steve Gardonyi

Secretary Treasurer
Denise Nacev




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District Secretary:
Gordon Holly

112 Prince George Drive     Etobicoke, ON M9B 2X8


Central Ontario District #47 is an administrative division of Optimist International within geographical boundaries established by Optimist International.


District Meeting – Moving Forward Together – Nov 13-14, 2015 falls.jpg– at Niagara Falls Optimist Club

Hospitality Night, Meetings, Workshops and Luncheon: Niagara Falls Optimist Club Hall, 7085 Morrison Street, Niagara Falls

Accommodations: Ramada Plaza, Niagara Falls, 7839 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

Registration Form pdf-icon.gif Now open.

Agenda Package  pdf-icon.gif Download and bring a copy


Held in beautiful Niagara Falls which offers shopping, sightseeing and things to do for both spouses and youth. The weekend will begin with the Executive meeting on Friday evening followed by an evening of fellowship either with casual conversation in the Hospitality suite or a fun night of cards in the Poker Tank with Tony Nacev.  All of this will be on site at the Niagara Falls Club House, with shuttle service provided to and from the hotel.  Saturday will offer training to get everyone off on the right foot to achieve their goals in serving their communities to the best of their abilities, an in house luncheon and our first board meeting of the new Optimist year.  All efforts have been made to keep the costs to a minimum for both the conference and accommodation’s.  Come out, learn, share your knowledge and enjoy the fellowship of others.

For those that wish to make a weekend of it, to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, gambling or simply spending more time with those you only see at quarter boards the room rates are the same for Saturday night as well.


President's Breakout

Meet with Governor Steve to set the pace for your club's objectives, setting goals and learning about new initiatives


Secretary-Treasurer Breakout

Meet with District Secretary-Treasurer Denise Nacev to learn about what you need to do be a Honour Club, deadlines to meet, payments, etc

Be a Club Foundation Rep

Learn about the role of CFR for the Canadian Children's Optimist Foundation, where to find the tools you need, what your club and members can achieve

Speaking as a Leader

As a leader in your community, the opportunity to express yourself and gain confidence in public speaking is paramount; how, what, and where.


Achievement & Awards Program lead to great Rewards

Build a New Optimist Club? What's in it for me?

A&A committee wants to know what your club is up to so you can benefit from the rewards. You only need to report what you are already doing to become a top club in your Zone or District

Round table discussion about how we can identify areas for growth and get to ball rolling on a new club initiative.

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steve_gardonyi_226x405.jpgMoving Forward Together Into the New Optimist Year

Happy Optimist New Year!    It has been my absolute pleasure traveling around meeting and speaking with so many of you this year. The work that Optimist clubs are doing for children throughout our Central Ontario District is nothing short of amazing. The friendship and fellowship I observed and was lucky enough to be the recipient of keeps a smile on my face. Thank you for all that you do!

The lesson I learned this past year is that when Optimists all work together, nothing is impossible. It was the inspiration for this year’s theme of Moving Forward Together….Right Here, Right Now!  During serious discussions about challenges facing clubs, the words, “if we just had more people, we could do so much more,” seemed to echo from Optimist meeting rooms everywhere.  

This year we are going to start putting an end to that recurring conversation.  In the next twelve months Central Ontario District is going to embark on the most aggressive growth surge strategy attempted in our modern era of optimism.  Our world has changed so much in the past two decades. Success is going to require the participation of all of our members to pull this off.   The wisdom and experience of our most seasoned veterans, the technological and social media skills of our very young and everyone in between.  

Thanks to all of you, we are starting this surge with 1500+ members and 58 clubs.  An attainable goal for next year at this time would be 1750 members with 65 clubs.  WE really can do this if we work together! 

Putting numbers out there without making some people feel like they are being reduced to being just a “number” is difficult.  Please read a little more while I list some more. Each Optimist serves an average of 35 children. 1500 X 35=52,500 children currently being helped by us.   1750 X 35=61,250 children being helped by us.   That is an increase of 8,750 children.  These are numbers worth being part of!!

Nothing is impossible when Optimist work together.  Everyone is going to be part of the plan, everyone is going to be part of the solution.  We are going to start MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER and the time and place to start is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Yours In Optimism,

Governor Steve Gardonyi, 2015-2016

Distinguished District Status, We Did It Together!

Good afternoon Optimists of CENON District,

Another year has come and gone. I can’t believe it’s over. It just seems like yesterday that I was writing my first address to everyone and saying what I, as your Governor, hoped our year would bring. What I had hoped for and more has happened! I have everyone of you to thank for that. We as a District worked hard for the betterment of the youth in our communities.

My 2014 –2015 team did a great job at helping make that reality come true. We built a New Club in Haldimand with 25 charter members thanks to my New Club Building Chair. We added over 200 NEW Sandra Stokes.jpgOPTIMIST MEMBERS to the CENON district. We also lost a fair amount, but I see this as a positive thing. Our new members bring with them new ideas and the enthusiasm that we all can remember we had when we joined. Let’s remember to engage and retain these members by making them feel a useful part of the club .

This year we had learning sessions at our quarter boards and conference, which was a little different then we were used to doing. These sessions brought out a higher number of members and engaged them again to make things interesting in their clubs meetings. I want to congratulate clubs on bringing in members - some clubs brought in record numbers and have built a ‘new club’ within their own club.

I am excited to announce that Central Ontario District is once again a DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT!! I have been told this has only happened 4 times in CENON’s history. My hope is that moving forward we make this the ‘norm’ and continue being a distinguished district year after year.

I have had a busy and exciting year being your Governor and wouldn’t have changed a thing that I went through! (Don’t ask the Husband and Daughter who had to live with me and wishes they didn’t.)  I appreciated all of your support , suggestions, and your optimist love. You are the best.

Governor Steve, I leave this District in your hands to follow though this year with your Team. I wish you all the best in this year-long journey. Most of all, enjoy every minute because it’s over before you know it.

Immediate Past Governor

Sandra Stokes 2014-2015


FOEC_symbole.jpgCanadian Children’s Optimist Foundation update

This year's Foundation President, Lyle Merriam had challenged all 12 of the District Foundation Reps to raise $13.50 per member. This translated to a $20,000 objective for Central Ontario District. We are pleased to say that CENON donated $14.56 per member which was 4th place with a grand total of $21,838. (3rd. place). Thanks to all the members and clubs that made this possible. In particular Milton, Oakville and Strabane matched their previous donation in September to put us over the top!  Central Ontario District "Lit up the Way for Youth"!
Tom & Carilyn McNaught, District Foundation Rep.'s  2014-15  Link to report

Central Ontario District Oratorical Contest Winner 2014-15
The topic of "How My Optimism Will Help Me Press on to Greater Achievement of the Future"
was well presented by the following students:
First Place winner was Anujan Raveenthiran sponsored by the Optimist Club of Brampton.
Second Place winner was Ilker Hadzhalaran sponsored by the Optimist Club of Oakville.
Third Place winner was Sophia Lacey sponsored by the Optimist Club of Lancaster
Congratulation to all the contestants form the District contest.
Oratorical Chairperson, Susan Montgomery  

Central Ontario District Essay Contest Winner 2014-15
The topic of “Optimism Should be a Priority” was well presented by the following students:

First Place winner was Anujan Raveenthiran sponsored by the Optimist Club of Brampton.

Second Place winner was Dasha Metropolitansky sponsored by the Optimist Club of Oakville.

Third Place winner was Rose Bredin sponsored by the Optimist Club of Collingwood.

Congratulations to all the contestants from the District contest.

Essay Chairperson and Past Governor, Terry Twocock

District Golf: Ty Wadsworth, 18, of Oshawa, Shot 77 to win, goes to the Optimist International Championships in Florida

On a sunny day, thirty-nine (39) young golfers competed in the Annual Optimist Central Ontario District Junior Qualifying Golf Tournament held Saturday, June 20, 2015 at Caledon Country Club, hosted by the Optimist Club of Brampton.

Ty Wadsworth, 18, of Oshawa was the 16-18 year old winner and qualified for an all-expense paid trip to the International Optimist Junior Golf Championships in Florida this July.  Nolan VanKalckreuth, 17, of Fort Erie, and Ryan Page, 15, of Whitby both shot 80 to finish in a close tie for second. 

The winner in the 14-15 age group for the second consecutive year was Mathew Wake, 15, of Ennismore with a score of 79. Mathew also qualified to compete in Florida. Second place was won by 14 year old Brendan Dunphy of Whitby with a score of 81.

In the 12-13 age group, the trophy was claimed for the second consecutive year by 13 year old Bavake Sihota of Caledon with a score of 77.  Bavake will advance to Florida. Second place was taken by 12 year old Connor Munro of Etobicoke with a score of 84.

In the 10-11 age group the winner was 11 year old Peter Blazevic with an amazing score of 79.

Sonia Nagindas,17, of Aurora shot 82 to win the 15-18 girls category. Sonia also qualified for Florida.

The following seven golfers qualified to advance to the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships held at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida July 16 – 31, 2015:


Ty Wadsworth - 18  - District  Winner  (16-18)

Mathew Wake   -15  -  District  Winner (14-15)

Brendan Dunphy- 14-  Runner-up (14-15)

Bavake Sihota   -13 -   District Winner (12-13)

Connor Munro   -12   -  Runner-up  (12-13)

Peter Blazevic   -11 -   District Winner (10-11)

Sonia Nagindas  -17 -  District  Winner  (15-18 Girls)


All the above golfers also qualified to play in the Optimist Canadian National Junior Golf Championships to be held in London, Ontario at Fanshawe Golf Club on August 10 - 12, 2015.

Thanks to our Optimist volunteers who marshaled the tournament –Wilson Bedford, Jim Lynge, Ted Simmonds, and Don Staddon. Scorekeeper was Optimist Janet Lewis of Brampton.

Next year’s District Qualifier will be tentatively held on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Caledon Country Club, Inglewood, Ontario.

Dennis Kwasnicki, District Golf Chair, Tel: (519) 855-6660

Childhood Cancer Campaign Update, Aug 2015

Thanks to everyone for the great response to our collection of nickels and change this year.

At our recent convention in Burlington the following clubs responded with coin donations:

Ancaster – 22.65

Brooklin – 7.85

Newmarket – 107.00

Spencerville – 82.75

Richmond Hill – 104.70

We also received a cheque for $500.00 from Garden City. Many thanks to any other clubs who have contributed directly or in memory of someone. All of these funds have been forwarded to the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation.  These funds are used to assist in the Matching Grant Program for the Childhood Cancer Campaign. If your club has not had the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile cause, please send your donation either to myself or CCOF in Montreal.  I would appreciate knowing if your club makes a donation so I can track the amount of district will have contributed this Optimist year.

Being a person with cancer and experiencing the treatments and all of the side effects associated, I must say that I cannot fathom the strength of children going through this disease.  I have so much admiration for them and their families. Just remember, every little bit helps.

Yours in Optimism, Annette Cowan, CCC District Chair





Optimist Insurance Now Under Canadian Administration

Good news, we now have insurance coverage customized to the needs of the Canadian Clubs. We have concluded a final agreement to provide Club Liability Coverage in Canada with Univesta as of May 1st, 2012. This is a Canadian program specifically for non-profit organizations. In Canada, Clubs have additional coverage of Abuse & Molestation, and Directors and Officers liability "INCLUDED" in the general policy with UNIVESTA

The Summary of insurance is effective May 1st. If you need a Certificate of Insurance,

Click here to download the form to fill and to send to Univesta at the address indicated at the bottom of the form.

Read the Optimist International Insurance pamphlet handed out at the convention.

Read through or print the Insurance Workshop slides shown at the convention.


2015-16 District Meetings & Workshop Dates


District Training Workshops and Meetings, Niagara Falls Optimist Club, Nov 13-14, 2015


District Training Workshops and Annual Awards Luncheon,  Feb 5-6, 2016

Regional Leadership Summit,
Niagara Falls, April 30, 2016


District Training Workshops, Oratorical Contest, and Fellowship, Holiday Inn, Kingston, May 6-7, 2016

International Convention, Hilton Quebec City, June 30 - July 2, 2016


District Convention, Club Officer Training & Governor’s Dinner, Milton, August 12-14, 2016.